Grants for those receiving private music tuition
If you (or your child) are learning to play a musical instrument or receiving singing lessons, we may be able to help you with a grant towards the cost of these lessons although you can only apply for grants towards one instrument. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning to learn or if you have been learning for some time – we would be delighted to receive an application from you.

Application Criteria
To qualify for a grant you must be aged under twenty-five
and fulfill any one of the following criteria

  • be a former pupil of Christ Church & St Peter’s CE Primary School, Mountsorrel
  • be resident in Mountsorrel, and for a minimum period of at least twelve months
  • have a parent/guardian who is resident in Mountsorrel, and has been for a minimum period of at least twelve months

How To Apply
Click on the link below to download an application form. Fill it in online before printing. After printing, please check that it is filled in completely and accurately. Please pay particular attention to make sure your bank details are entered correctly as incorrect information may mean that, even if you are awarded a grant, you may not receive it. Make sure that the form is signed by the student and the tutor. A parent/guardian will also need to sign if the student is under eighteen. Applications will need to be accompanied by proof that the lessons taken have been paid for (receipts/invoices on the tutor’s headed paper marked and signed as paid by the tutor to a maximum of one year in any application. A letter from the tutor showing the dates and amounts paid for lessons will also be acceptable). When complete, send the form and proof of payment to the Clerk to the Trustees whose name and address is shown at the bottom of the form. Then sit back and wait to hear. Dates of our meetings and deadlines for applications are shown on our homepage. Please make sure that applications are received before the deadline as applications received after this time will not be accepted. All applicants will hear if they have been successful or not by the end of the month following the trustees’ meeting. Please do not chase for a response until after this date.

For grants to help with the costs of private music tuition (only one instrument per applicant)